Manchester United Manager Admits to Failure

The manager for Manchester United, one of the most beloved football teams in the world announced today that he has failed his fans through an interview. This has come as a shock to most in the British Premiere League as it’s quite rare for a manager to admit defeat, more than most of the time they stand as stubborn as the players on the field.

Manchester United

The direct quote that came from Louis Van Gal states, “The Manchester United fan base had great expectations of me, I as a manager cannot live up to those expectations and for that I’ve become frustrated in the daily life.” Don’t expect for fans to feel sorry for this man though, Manchester United fans are known for being brutally cruel towards players, coaches, managers and anyone associated to the team.

Mr. Van Gal has lost a series of games which has caused for ManUnt to move down to fifth place, Tottenham is a position higher than them. ManUnt is at a low point for their Premiere League era in the last sixteen years. This has in turn caused for major grief on Val Gal’s behalf.

Luckily the owner of the team is seriously considering switching managers as well as coaches in hopes that he can regain the team back to their former glory in upcoming seasons. If this is to be the case then in upcoming years, fans of this team will be able to see their beloved team stand once again as the best team in the premiere league.

Tokyo Olympics to Cost $15 Billion

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are going to cost far greater then suspected. It’s now projected that these Olympics will cost $15 Billion in U.S. Dollars to be completed, this is six times greater then their original estimate. This news has shocked all of Japan and has caused for its citizens to wonder as to whom will pay for this increased projection.

2020 Tokyo Olympics

The answer is the taxpayers themselves, taxes will rise by an astonishing amount for the next four years within Japan. National & Local taxpayers will be effected. The revised estimate of 1.8 Trillion Yen (15 Billion U.S. Dollars) was revealed last month and ever since then it has caused for anger throughout various communities. So much so that security has been amplified around the areas where 2020 Olympic Structures are being built.

The media is trying to make it clear that the reasoning for this increase is due to a higher cost in infrastructure, renting the land, additional security measures and more. De-construction is also a factor as well. The media has also noted that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has provided thousands of job opportunities for the people of Japan & when the Olympics are at their doorstep, the economy will be boosted like Japan has never seen before.

Tokyo has had a number of hurdles while constructing for the 2020 Olympics. The most notable was a new stadium design that had never been seen before had been greenlight, only until immediate rising costs made it impossible to have a design such as that one. A more normal design has now been chosen to save money.

BBC Cutting Sports Rights Budget

The BBC, one of the largest broadcasters in the globe has revealed that their planning to cut 35 Million Pounds out of their yearly sports rights budget. This is an astonishing amount of money to cut back but it’ll be used towards other broadcasting avenues such as nature programs. This isn’t surprising though as over the last few years SkyNews & SkySports has been able to increase their viewership when it comes to sports.


Eventually it seems that the BBC was willing to depart with the sports program and provide SkySports with ownership to broadcasting a variety of major sporting events. One of the most notable being the British Golf Open. BBC will still have rights to one of the more popular sports in the UK, the BBC will continue to broadcast all Formula One events throughout the European Union. This deal extends until 2018 where it’s already being expected that BBC shall hand over the rights to broadcasting formula one over to SkySports as well.

BBC over the last decade has become one of the largest documenters of nature around the globe. You can give credit to Planet Earth, The Lost Continents and many other programs to BBC. They’ve been able to help the world better understand how nature works, it seems that they’ll be continuing to go down that route as its expected this thirty five millions euros will be used towards new nature broadcasting, it should be noted that no official announcements have been made as of right now by BBC.

NFL’s Popularity Growing in Great Britain

You wouldn’t imagine that the National Football League would be popular in Great Britain. Amongst the elderly and middle-aged it is still a sport that is looked down upon, even by the majority of the youth but none the less this American pastime is starting to gain a presence in Great Britain. This rise in popularity has occurred throughout the last four to five years, no one knew where it came from and within the last five years its popularity has been driven up by 18.4%.


Though this might be a low number, as the new generation and upcoming ones become more accessible to sports & various other cultures throughout the world this as well as other sports will reach more popularity in Great Britain. Though the mass majority still agrees that no professional league will ever be seen in the country as the Premier Football League (Soccer) is far more beloved & embodied into their culture. As the world becomes more cultured it’ll reach a point where all cultures blend into one, it’ll no longer be enjoying aspects of certain cultures but instead will be interacting with a worldwide culture. This isn’t a bad thing though as segregation has only shown to create problems.

Analysts suspect that the only reason this sport is reaching any form of popularity amongst the youth, especially those in college is because of rugby. The two sports resemble one another and to college students, the aspects of being able to drink all night & have woman all day is far more appealing than dedicated work that is needed for soccer.

UK Rugby Has Highest Steroid Usage

Rugby is a sport that requires an immense amount of physical effort and due to this a large percentage of professional United Kingdom rugby players have been found using steroids in order to make themselves that much stronger. The UK Anti-Doping Agency states that out of the forty six athletes who are banned from playing, sixteen of them are rugby union players. This in return makes the Rugby Union the dirtiest sporting league in the country.


This is truly a troubling fact as apparently rugby prides itself on their values, it appears that what should be their largest value is unfortunately a joke to them. Eleven of the twenty five players that were banned in the last eight months were rugby players, this ultimate truth shows that the union isn’t willing to have their athletes put in the extra training that’d be required without steroids. This bad media has even begun to see each rugby game lose more & more viewers as the sport loses its value when all players are essentially faking their skill.

There’ll be a “Keep Rugby Clean” day during the World Rugby Cup. England & Wales will be playing one another & these two clean teams will use their influence to make sure that other teams in the union stop using steroids. England & Wales are two of the best teams in the Union and not a single player uses steroids, this is true as the team mates willing take a steroid test once a month.

Eton College Borrows £45m

Eton College, by far the most famous college within the United Kingdom and one of the most famous colleges within the world announced that it has had to borrow £45m. This announcement came as a shock to many as Eton hasn’t borrowed money previous to this in six decades. None the less the borrowing of this money is needed in order to build a variety of new facilities, renovations, sports equipment and equipment for the classroom.

Eton College

This money was borrowed from Friends Life, an institutionalized investor group which is also famous within Britain. Lending Eton this money was no issue for Friends Life though as Eton College holds some of the most esteemed graduates in Britain history. Those include the British Prime Minster David Camera, the archbishop of Canterbury, Prince William and also Prince Harry as well. It seems that Eton will have to pay a 3.63% interest rate for the next forty five years due to this loan though. Apparently one of the major facility changes will be the design of a brand new sports complex, this complex will act as the head of college sports within the U.K. At least that is the goal that Eton College wishes to complete.

None the less this school is looking rather old and run down once again. This is something that has been driving staff, students and parents insane for a number of years now. After a series of complaints, even from Prince Harry himself it seems that the board members behind Eton College approved for renovations. They just needed to find the money first. Those who wish to attend Eton College can easily do so by first going through a difficult registration program, it’s required that £35,000 be paid every year as a tuition fee or else students will no longer be able to attend.

Donald Trump going to British Women’s Open

Donald Trump, a worldwide famous billionaire and now candidate for President of the United States of America revealed that he’ll be arriving at the Women’s British Open within the upcoming days. He’ll first make the cross sea trip via his private jet, one of the best in the world and then take one of his British Helicopters to the event.


Lizette Salas, one of the woman straight out of college who will be playing in this golf tournament will be well into her first round once Mr. Trump has arrived at the tournament. Being that this British golfer’s heritage is Mexican it is surprising that she isn’t holding a large amount of hatred towards the billionaire. Instead all she has stated is that he can do whatever he wants as it doesn’t affect how she feels about herself or her heritage. Imagine back when John McLain was running for president but ten times worse, that is how Donald Trump is treating his campaign and it’ll result in him failing miserably. Right now he has no chance of being the president and he is now becoming nothing more than a joke for late night television hosts.

None the less it’ll be interesting to see if anymore hateful remarks are made by Donald Trump at the event. If this was to be the case he’d more than likely be told to not return to a PGA tournament again. Miss. Salas has just simply said that she is going to play to the best of her abilities in hopes of winning the open.

United Kingdom Heating Up This Season

College athletes within the United Kingdom won’t be playing their sports anytime soon. School officials all over the country have canceled all sporting events as of right now for the foreseeable future. The reason for this is because the United Kingdom is seeing record high temperatures for this summer’s season. As of right now it is 31C in a large portion of the UK, the waters have even begun to heat up the point that there is no chill when entering the water.


This has surprised many as football events, rugby events, cricket and more have all been canceled right now. The Premier League just ended not too long ago but all other smaller leagues are still in play, players have begun to fall down to the ground from heat exhaustion and it appears that this’ll not change anytime soon. All southern countries on the hemisphere have begun to have cooler seasons while all countries in the northern hemisphere have begun to heat up. Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia & countries all around the European Union have begun experiencing this.

This is due to the fact that globally climates are beginning to change as our planet is reaching its alarm for flipping the hemispheres. This means that countries that were once tropical all year long will become seasonal with fall, spring & winter while countries that were seasonal will become tropical all year long. We shall keep you posted in school officials plan on putting these sporting events back on in the upcoming weeks. As of right now though it is to unsafe for players to play.

A Thousand British Fans banned from Dublin

A thousand British fans have been banned from traveling to Dublin in the upcoming match of England vs. Dublin. This has caused major uproar from those citizens but that’s the very reason as to why their being banned. Those fans who have been known for causing trouble have been banned from flying into Dublin to enjoy this match up.


It only took British Authorities a night in order to rally up this banning. The Aviva Stadium in Belgium are being completely co-operative in this matter, any British fans who drive to the stadium and are on this list of 1,300 banned fans will not be allowed to enter the stadium and will be sent to a makeshift local British authorities tent. Upon entering the tent those fans will have to surrender their passports & will have to await until Dublin Authorities wish to release them back to their country.

The reason for this is simple, FIFA has already been under enough trouble during the last few weeks and adding physical altercations at one of their largest games of the year would only cause for more trouble for the football league. The increase in anti-social behaviour from British fans have been rising throughout the last four years and shows no indication of stopping. This is why leagues such as FIFA or the British Premier League have begun banning players from entering these soccer facilities.

We’ll inform you if this list continues to rise in the upcoming days before this match of England VS. Dublin takes place.

British College Students

North America & Britain has been plagued by a disease known as “Lazy”, as each passing generation leaves us and a new one arrives with technology that has changed. The new generation doesn’t have to adapt to what the passing generation had to and the result has become a group of teenagers who believe they are entitled to all they want. There are many teenagers and young adults who aren’t like this but those privileged by their parents in the sense of getting them all the latest gadgets and letting them do whatever they please it has gained those young adults a self entailment. Britain is taking things into their own hands though and their sending all those college students on athletic teams that have become lazy to boot camps.

This came as a shock to Britain but in the defence of the schooling system they’ve stated that if these young athlete’s wish to have their dreams come true, become famous athletes to be remembered in history then they will now know laziness. The result for Britain will be something of a marvel as college level sports will once again mirror the professional level of those very same sports. Northern America has no plans of doing the same thing, instead they believe that it is the coaches fault and not the players themselves.

We shall keep you informed on how well British college athletes are doing in the near future and how the American college athletes are doing. It’s obvious that the difference will be more than historical, America will look like fools.