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The British Empire Grows Stronger

The British Empire hasn’t been considered an empire for decades now, the British Empire is now considered to be the British Colonies but the fact of the matter is that they still stand as an empire compared to any other nation in the world.

The “Home Nations” for Britain include Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, India and plenty more. The British Colonies or Empire is so large that they hold their own Olympic styled games called “The Commonwealth Games”. Every nation connected to the British Empire participates in the Commonwealth Games, bringing their best athlete’s to the stage to prove that they’re the most athletic nation in the empire.

Northern Ireland

The Commonwealth Games were originally called “The British Empire Games” and it first took place back in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario. Only eleven countries in the empire participated and just like the Olympic Games the British Empire holds the commonwealth games every four years. After 58 years of being called “The British Empire Games” the name was formally changed to the commonwealth games. This is the first time in twenty eight years that England has dominated the commonwealth games, proving to each one of their brother home nations that they still have what it takes to be a powerful force in Olympic styled sports.

Usian Bolt, the world fastest man alive was one of the athlete’s who attended the commonwealth games. He wanted to win the one medal that he had yet to receive, the end result was his winning with the fastest timed speed that the Commonwealth Games has ever seen.

British Man Gets Life Ban On Sports

A middle aged man in his early forties has been given a life ban from playing any kind of sports at any kind of league within the British Colonies. The reason for him being banned is because he provided illegal steroids to those who wished to have a little bit of a boost in their game.

The United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency got the lead on this man after a mother called the middle aged man for some steroids. The steroids dealer was unaware that this mother was in for revenge as he had been supply her son for a long period of time. Once he handed her the steroids and she handed him the money police swarmed in to take this man under arrest.

This life time ban just doesn’t affect himself but has also affected his daughter as well. She until this weekend had been an amateur boxer who was well on her way to being a powerful force in the ring. She has also been banned for four years from any boxing ring in a British Colony and cannot train any sanctioned boxer trainer. The daughter will now more than likely not have a career in boxing. All five of this man’s children are involved with boxing and they will now all have to lose what they love due to their father’s actions.

This man hasn’t been given a prison sentence but instead has been placed under house arrest where he will have to deal with the disappointing glaring eyes that his children will give him with each passing day.