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Sports Direct Employee Denies Entry For Jewish Students

Sports Direct, a major sporting goods store in Britain has been caught under some serious bad press as of late. One of their employee’s recently didn’t allow the entrance of a large group of students due to them being Jewish. The group of friends weren’t allowed entry into the store for being Jewish and one of the boy’s parents who were with the large group of friends was there to confirm all that had happened. The store clerk said “No Jews, No Jews”, he could tell that these children were Jewish as they had Jewish school uniforms on.


David Rosen, the parent who had to witness this issue instantly walked into the store regardless of the clerks words and complained to the manager. The manager didn’t do anything other than allow for them to remain in the store which than made David Rosen more tempered. He then went to all local news stations and told them of this issue, it has now become an issue that has spread across the entire state of Britain.

The result of this is that this store clerk has lost his job and has also been charged with a hate crime. This employee whose name isn’t being released to the public will see trail for his actions, he either will face a large fine or potential prison time. We’ll keep you updated on what happens with this store clerks future, the hope is that he gets prison time so that it may show the rest of those who are racist towards the Jewish that their comments will no longer be accepted.

The British increasing strength

The British Empire has centuries and centuries of history behind them. Some of their history is considered to be bad while other moments in their history is considered to be a marvel of history. More than half of the world is still controlled by the British Empire. Countries that are a part of the empire includes Canada, the thirteen colonies of the United States, the Bahamas, South West Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, Burma, Egypt, Jamaica and many more. Due to having such a massive empire it is the British who are considered to still be the best in world sports. uk flag Countries like Canada have allowed for the empire to do exceptionally well in the Winter Olympics while countries like South West Africa, Jamaica, Australia and Egypt have allowed for the empire to do amazing in the summer Olympics. Often people wonder why these countries just don’t break away from the empire so that they may get all of the glory themselves. The reason for this is because if Egypt, India, Kenya, Sudan or any other violent countries went to war it would be the British that would protect them. This is why the British Empire will always remain as the true world leader. Americans might consider themselves to be the world power but if the British Empire felt like it they could easily over throw them in a matter of months. You can expect the British Empire to win the Summer Olympics in 2016.