23 Children Rushed Hospital

Twenty three students out of forty six from “The Dyke House College Team“, a football team located from Hartlepool. Theses 46 students arrived in Dubai for a training cramp which would then result in a small tournament played between the British children’s football team and Dubai children football teams. Unfortunately an eleven year old boy contracted a viral infection before attending this trip, infecting two other team mates while they were still in Britain. The end result was a total of twenty other children gained this viral infection, causing this trip to be canceled.

The Dyke House College Team

One of the three coaches who attended this trip, Danny Evans made a statement regarding the children & their sickness. “It’s unfortunate to see a large portion of our players fall ill with this viral infection. Our star players have been infected and we have had to cancel our time at the training camp as well as the tournament itself. This is a shame but Dubai Doctors are taking all the precautions needed in order to ensure that these children return back to Britain healthy and strong.”

This is unfortunate as this means that the other twenty three students a part of this trip will now have nothing to do during the time period their there until their fellow team mates return back to being healthy. Laws state that anyone with a sickness of any kind cannot fly on an airplane and has to stay in whatever country they traveled to until their healthy to return back home. This is in order to ensure that whoever else is on that flight stays healthy.