A Thousand British Fans banned from Dublin

A thousand British fans have been banned from traveling to Dublin in the upcoming match of England vs. Dublin. This has caused major uproar from those citizens but that’s the very reason as to why their being banned. Those fans who have been known for causing trouble have been banned from flying into Dublin to enjoy this match up.


It only took British Authorities a night in order to rally up this banning. The Aviva Stadium in Belgium are being completely co-operative in this matter, any British fans who drive to the stadium and are on this list of 1,300 banned fans will not be allowed to enter the stadium and will be sent to a makeshift local British authorities tent. Upon entering the tent those fans will have to surrender their passports & will have to await until Dublin Authorities wish to release them back to their country.

The reason for this is simple, FIFA has already been under enough trouble during the last few weeks and adding physical altercations at one of their largest games of the year would only cause for more trouble for the football league. The increase in anti-social behaviour from British fans have been rising throughout the last four years and shows no indication of stopping. This is why leagues such as FIFA or the British Premier League have begun banning players from entering these soccer facilities.

We’ll inform you if this list continues to rise in the upcoming days before this match of England VS. Dublin takes place.