Alcohol Banned

Those young athlete’s in college or university in the United Kingdom will no longer be able to drink during the school year as it has officially been confirmed that drinking alcohol will be forbidden for those in a profession college or university sports team. Those players who are found drinking alcohol won’t have a small punishment, they’ll be banned from the team for the season with a small chance of returning in the next season. The reason this law has been put into place across all British College’s/Universities is because players have been attending far too many parties & have been attending practice or games the next day hung over & unable to perform with the rest of the team.

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There is no word as to how the players feel about this decision as of right now. We suspect that these young individuals aren’t happy with the matter and there will be plenty of players who choose to disobey the rules, only to have their future careers destroyed before they ever began. Faculty members across the United Kingdom have expressed that their pleased with this new law as it’ll allow for the students to mature & grow as athlete’s instead of losing all they have to offer to their fellow team mates.

The United Kingdom College & University boards have also stated that they won’t be going back on their decision as far too many times have these young adults disappointed & violated the privileges they were given. Another course of action to entertain the young adults is online casino action. There are many sites that cater to U.K residence such s If interested, this is a good resource to utilize.