Basketball College Sport Competitions

The Brits have an affinity for sports. Basketball is currently being played in many collages from United Kingdom and it’s a popular sport, not as popular as in United States, but it holds a good number of players. British College Sport is currently holding two main competition for basketball players. There are the leagues and the cups.

Right now the British College Sport is running two different events that are important for any basketball fan. There is the Regional plus the National Basketball competition. The affiliated colleges will have a great opportunity to compete nationally with other teams as the National Championships.

British College Sport

The origin of basketball is very interesting, and it dates back to the year 1891. The person that invented the game was a doctor and an educator. His name was James Naismith. Everything happened in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The reason basketball was invented was because he searched to invent something for his students to play during the winter. The game can be considered to be a mix of many sports. This way you can find elements coming from soccer, hockey and American Football. When the game was played for the first time, the ball used there was a soccer ball. At that time the teams were made out of 9 players. This happened as the class he was teaching had 18 students and he wanted to put all of them to work.
Another interesting thing is that the first time basketball was played they were using a peach basket that was mounted to the walls.

It was until 1897 – 1898 when the number of players went down to 5 and that the same period when the game started to spread all over the United States, Canada and the rest of the word. It was played by men and women and it also moved outdoor. The US soldiers from the Second World War were also able to make this sport very popular in a great number of countries.

The game is right now very popular in colleges all across United States and it’s also popular in Europe’s collages and this includes the United Kingdom, but not at the same level as it happens in United States.

The first official US college game happened in NYC at the popular Madison Square Garden. By the ‘50s basketball reached a huge amount of popularity and this was the first step towards developing the professional basketball leagues that we see today as the NBA.

The basketball teams in the UK colleges are playing the matches every Wednesday. All the college basketball teams are split into leagues of six. There are certain special rules regarding the promotion and the relegation of the teams. All the basketball teams from the British colleges are part of the knockout cup based on the position they have in the league. There are many interesting events that can be watched and here we talk about the Conference Cup, Trophy and Championship.