BBC Cutting Sports Rights Budget

The BBC, one of the largest broadcasters in the globe has revealed that their planning to cut 35 Million Pounds out of their yearly sports rights budget. This is an astonishing amount of money to cut back but it’ll be used towards other broadcasting avenues such as nature programs. This isn’t surprising though as over the last few years SkyNews & SkySports has been able to increase their viewership when it comes to sports.


Eventually it seems that the BBC was willing to depart with the sports program and provide SkySports with ownership to broadcasting a variety of major sporting events. One of the most notable being the British Golf Open. BBC will still have rights to one of the more popular sports in the UK, the BBC will continue to broadcast all Formula One events throughout the European Union. This deal extends until 2018 where it’s already being expected that BBC shall hand over the rights to broadcasting formula one over to SkySports as well.

BBC over the last decade has become one of the largest documenters of nature around the globe. You can give credit to Planet Earth, The Lost Continents and many other programs to BBC. They’ve been able to help the world better understand how nature works, it seems that they’ll be continuing to go down that route as its expected this thirty five millions euros will be used towards new nature broadcasting, it should be noted that no official announcements have been made as of right now by BBC.