Best UK Universities for studying Sports Science

In case you are planning a sports career, then you should opt for some of the finest universities from the UK. Thankfully there are many of them. Here is a short list with the top 5 UK Universities for studying sports science:

Loughborough University

1. Loughborough University

Loughborough University dates back to 1909 and there is a rich history behind this university. The facility is located in Loughborough. It is easily accessible from many large cities from the UK like London, Derby Leicester or Nottingham. This university is very well known in the UK for being one of the best one for sport. During the last 30 years, this university has managed to dominate the BUCS leagues and championships. Another interesting fact is that they have hosted the UK team for the 2012 Olympic Games from London.

2. University of Exeter

The University of Exeter dates back to 1855, making it one of the oldest of its kind. There are many things that make this college excellent for sport. One of the latest investments made was worth 20 million pounds for the sports facilities there. This includes a brand new cricket indoor and tennis facility. During the last season of the BUCS they ended up on the 5th place.

3. University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham is another remarkable name in case you are looking to study sports science. It dates back to the 1900 and with more than one century of forming great minds they are one of the first universities in the UK where everybody was accepted no matter what backgrounds or religions they had. They are ranking #3 as the best performances demonstrated at the BUCS championships. There are some extensive sporting facilities available, and this includes 3 different sport halls, athletics track, tennis courts, fitness suite and a nice swimming pool. The University is developed enough to be able to handle beginner sportsmen but also world class athletes.

4. The University of Edinburgh

Edinburg University dates back almost 400 years. The university was the home of many brilliant politicians, scientists and philosophers that were the ones to shape in a positive manner the world we see today. They have consistently ranked in the top 10 universities at the BUCS championships. During the last year the ranked number 6th and 1st in Scotland.

5. Durham University

The Durham University was established in 1832 and it’s considered to be the 3rd oldest university in the UK right after the popular Oxford and Cambridge. During the last BUCS sports league season it finished on second place. There is a very large percentage of students from this university that are practicing sports. At this moment you can find more than 50 affiliated clubs to this university. You can find a multitude of sports, starting from football to rowing, croquet and trampolining.

Now it’s up to you to choose the university that you consider the best. The sports play an important role in our life and choosing a university based on the sports you can practice there is considered to be an important factor that should weight a lot, especially if you are planning to study sports science.