British College Football In Financial Trouble

Football is the most popular sports in England, we don’t mean American Football. We mean the original football which the Americans like to call Soccer. Unfortunately the British College Football League is in a lot of trouble for next year, a large amount of their sponsors have pulled out from the league which means they don’t have the budget they once did. This in return means that the players will be paid less, there won’t be any new equipment for the players, there won’t be any fundraising venues and there won’t be any stands for fans to purchase food at. This could result in the league essentially having to shut down their doors and for those players to lose their scholarship at whichever school they attend.
British College Football League

James Hutchings, a representative for the British College Football League said the following: “The majority of our sponsors have pulled out of our league this season. The reason for this is because their contracts have ended with the majority of them choosing not to renew their contracts. We were honestly shocked that sponsors such as Sony did this, we are now contacting various establishments trying to get new sponsors to come join our league. We have until the end of December to find new sponsors and if we can’t then our league will nearly fall to the ground.”

It is unknown what the future holds for the British College Football League. We will keep you informed on any updates released regarding the league.