British College Sport – The 36th National Championships 2014

We just witnessed one of the largest championships that took place between 4th of April up to 6th of April 2014: The 36th British College Sport National Championships. This year the weather was a lot better compared to the rain and the cold conditions from last year.

bcs national championships logo

The number of attendants was good, as it managed to attract 2,000 students plus the staff from the colleges all across the UK. The challenges were very competitive, and 14 different sports were the ones where students compete against each other. This is considered to be the 4th year where the event was sponsored by Tradepoint.
In order to have access to some of the best sporting facilities in Britain, everything took place at the University of Bath. During the three days period, there were organized 39 different events.

The athletes that participated in the competition had an age between 16 and 19. In order to participate at this event, they had to qualify, and they were part of the 11 regional teams resulted from the qualification.

It was the opening ceremony that managed to bring all eleven regions together and we could also see a very inspiring speech done by the guest speakers. This is also the moment when the National Championship was declared officially open.

Back in the days the National Championship was featuring only 13 events, and there were only 7 sports available. This was happening back in the year 1979. Now things have evolved, and the event has grown significantly as it features 39 events and 14 sports. This can only make things more fun and more captivating.

One of the new partners of the British College Sport was the University of St Mark and St John. The students coming from there offered free sports therapy to the participants during both days: Saturday and Sunday. There were many participants that enjoyed the massage and at the same time found it useful.

The ambassadors of the event that helped the organization of the whole event were provided with free goodies. Another notable presence was from the sponsors. They were doing a Football pitches competition. There they had to compete against each other and kick a ball into a cement mixer, quite difficult I must say.

This event is the largest in Britain and it brings together a big crowd. The competition level is not too high, but it’s nothing that you could neglect. It gathers around students from all over the country and it increases their sports skills, as they have to compete for the grand prize.

The college sport can keep the students in good shape and thanks to the physical activity, they will feel inspired and always motivated to come with new ideas. This is the largest event available, and it manages to draw the attention of many students that are all competing for a place that guarantees them to this national competition.