British College sports – Football

Football is probably one of the most popular sport in the UK. This means that it makes perfect sense to develop this game by offering the students the possibilities to play it. There are special leagues created for football in the UK and there all the students can participate. The statistics are showing that there are 3,500 players that are playing this game and the British College Sport league. The event happens each Wednesday afternoon and this sport is by far the most popular in terms of registered players. British College Sport is right now running a partnership with the Football Association and this helps them develop further the game.

British bball

If we take a look back on the way football evolved we can see that the game we see right now, as a modern football dates back to 1863. That’s exactly the moment when the English Football Association was born and regulated this sport ever since.

This is how the modern football games were born, but there was the evidence of a rudimentary ball that got kicked and this dates back more than 2,000 years back in China. There are others that claim to have invented the sports, as the Ancient Greece or the Roman Empire, but it was during the medieval times in England when the first contests where born back in the 19th century. The basic rules were written down in the year 1863.

While there were many evidences that the balls sports took place all over Europe, but the evolution of the football game that we see now on TV happened in Britain. The game managed to become very popular all over Britain and there were many versions of the game there. Today’s modern football game is the result of those versions that were regional. Some of them still live today. For example in Ireland there is Gaelic football, and there is also the rugby football.

The first versions of football were crazy compared to what is happening right now on the field. In order to get an idea, you should imagine a game that was completely disorganized, violent and played by a random number of players. There were no fouls and pretty much everything was allowed. Sometimes kicking the opponents happened more often than kicking a ball, as the ball was huge and it was also heavy.

One thing about football that you might find interesting is that the size of the ball was standardized only 9 years after the official rules were established. This is also a time when the duration of the game was established to be 90 minutes.

If you take an overview look at everything, you should be able to notice the fact that the football game is a sport that dates back thousands of years and it appeared all over the globe in different forms, but it’s the Britain that managed to standardize everything.