British College Students

North America & Britain has been plagued by a disease known as “Lazy”, as each passing generation leaves us and a new one arrives with technology that has changed. The new generation doesn’t have to adapt to what the passing generation had to and the result has become a group of teenagers who believe they are entitled to all they want. There are many teenagers and young adults who aren’t like this but those privileged by their parents in the sense of getting them all the latest gadgets and letting them do whatever they please it has gained those young adults a self entailment. Britain is taking things into their own hands though and their sending all those college students on athletic teams that have become lazy to boot camps.

This came as a shock to Britain but in the defence of the schooling system they’ve stated that if these young athlete’s wish to have their dreams come true, become famous athletes to be remembered in history then they will now know laziness. The result for Britain will be something of a marvel as college level sports will once again mirror the professional level of those very same sports. Northern America has no plans of doing the same thing, instead they believe that it is the coaches fault and not the players themselves.

We shall keep you informed on how well British college athletes are doing in the near future and how the American college athletes are doing. It’s obvious that the difference will be more than historical, America will look like fools.