British Sports Therapist

It’s rare these days that we will ever here about a positive story occurring in the world. It seems that everything is negative in today’s news so to brighten up your day a twenty six year old Sports Therapist from Britain has run fifty three marathons in fifty three days. You might be asking yourself as to why this British Sports Therapist did this? The reason is because she deals with patients every day who have lost their urge to live or enjoy life because they no longer can play the sport they love. Here patients feel limited in that they never could play that sports again.

amy hughes

Amy Hughes wasn’t able to run a marathon for years as that used to be her preferred sport but after a bad fall on her ankle it was recommend that she never enter another marathon. After seeing so many of her patients feel the same way that she once had and that she eventually would learn to accept sadly enough she decided she’d enter a marathon again. After she completed the first marathon she entered a second one for the very next day and the process repeated itself for fifty three days.

Apparently her patients have been inspired by this and apparently one of her students has even returned to playing Football again on a house league. This just goes to show what the power & positive effect of something as simple & nice as this can do for a local community.