British Universities and Colleges Sport

The BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sports) is an organization that takes care of the sport done in the Universities of UK. This was formed in June 2008 and it represents a merger between the BUSA (British Universities Sports Association) and UCS (University College Sport).

British Universities & Colleges Sports

This organization from United Kingdom is currently organizing the events of the British University happening for 50 sports. The winning teams will move to the World University Championship and other international sporting events that are happening between the collages from all over the world.

Right now in the UK there are more than 162 universities part of this organization. In order to get an idea about the size of this organization, the competition that are happening are available to more than 2.3 million college students from all over the country. During the last season, there were 5,000 teams that were competing at 16 different sports. The BUCS is considered at the moment to be the largest organization of its kind in Europe.

One of the major events organized by them is called the BUCS Gatorade Nationals. This is a brand new, one year old event that took pace the formerly called BUCS Championship. There is also another major event that is just as important: BUCS Big Wednesday. This is hosted by the Leeds Met Campus, there are the finals of 14 sports and it all happens in a day.

The sponsors of the British Universities and Colleges Sport organizations are PWC, Red Bull, Barefoot Wine, Mars, Gatorade and others.

The purpose of the BUCS is to promote the sports happening in the universities across the country and to offer an official schedule of the events happening between the universities. These competitions are able to create some rivalries between the collages and one of the oldest known in the UK is the one between Oxford and Cambridge.

During the competitions that take place between the Universities there are more than 100,000 students that are actually playing the sports. There are 50 sports that the students have to choose from and there are more than 150 different final events taking place each and every year. Taking place at any of the events available is an easy task and it provides you with the possibility to get a sports career in the future. These competition have always been known for create some amazing opportunities for those students seeking a sporting career.

Most of the teams participating will start the competition in the regional leagues. These sporting events are usually happening each Wednesday afternoon. The teams that are able to finish at the top positions and that are at the top of the league where they are playing, are going to get the chance to move to the national competition.
The British Universities and Colleges Sport is the institution that is coordinating where and what teams are meeting. It’s a great thing to be part of these championships and they allow you to take your university sport to a totally different level.