Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion DLC Revealed

Fans of Call of Duty Rejoice, the next DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts has been revealed for a release date. Fans of Call of Duty will be able to download the Invasion DLC on June 3rd. Invasion marks the best downloadable content to ever be released for the Call of Duty franchise, instead of just giving players your average bland maps Infinity Ward has given fans an entire new experience within Invasion.

Call of duty Ghosts

The first map you play on is called Pharaoh, a multi level map that is located deep within Egypt. You will see hyroglypics, old statues, hidden locations and more while playing through this map. The second map is called Dia De Los Muertos, a map that takes you to a small rural town located in Mexico. Alongside this map you can also purchase a multiplayer skin which will allow for you to look like a Mexican Outlaw, hiding his face with a skull mask. The third map is called Mutiny, it allows for players to kill one another on an old pirate ship. The best thing about this map is that you can call in “Canon Air Strikes” from another ship by completing a field order and you can also call upon “Ghost Pirates” by completing a field order, multiple ghost pirates will appear and kill your enemies.

The final map is Favela, a remake of one of the most beloved maps ever known to the Call of Duty Franchise. Anyone who has played Favela before knows that this map is one of the best to ever be developed in the series.