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Alcohol Banned

Those young athlete’s in college or university in the United Kingdom will no longer be able to drink during the school year as it has officially been confirmed that drinking alcohol will be forbidden for those in a profession college or university sports team. Those players who are found drinking alcohol won’t have a small punishment, they’ll be banned from the team for the season with a small chance of returning in the next season. The reason this law has been put into place across all British College’s/Universities is because players have been attending far too many parties & have been attending practice or games the next day hung over & unable to perform with the rest of the team.

uk flag

There is no word as to how the players feel about this decision as of right now. We suspect that these young individuals aren’t happy with the matter and there will be plenty of players who choose to disobey the rules, only to have their future careers destroyed before they ever began. Faculty members across the United Kingdom have expressed that their pleased with this new law as it’ll allow for the students to mature & grow as athlete’s instead of losing all they have to offer to their fellow team mates.

The United Kingdom College & University boards have also stated that they won’t be going back on their decision as far too many times have these young adults disappointed & violated the privileges they were given. Another course of action to entertain the young adults is online casino action. There are many sites that cater to U.K residence such s If interested, this is a good resource to utilize.

23 Children Rushed Hospital

Twenty three students out of forty six from “The Dyke House College Team“, a football team located from Hartlepool. Theses 46 students arrived in Dubai for a training cramp which would then result in a small tournament played between the British children’s football team and Dubai children football teams. Unfortunately an eleven year old boy contracted a viral infection before attending this trip, infecting two other team mates while they were still in Britain. The end result was a total of twenty other children gained this viral infection, causing this trip to be canceled.

The Dyke House College Team

One of the three coaches who attended this trip, Danny Evans made a statement regarding the children & their sickness. “It’s unfortunate to see a large portion of our players fall ill with this viral infection. Our star players have been infected and we have had to cancel our time at the training camp as well as the tournament itself. This is a shame but Dubai Doctors are taking all the precautions needed in order to ensure that these children return back to Britain healthy and strong.”

This is unfortunate as this means that the other twenty three students a part of this trip will now have nothing to do during the time period their there until their fellow team mates return back to being healthy. Laws state that anyone with a sickness of any kind cannot fly on an airplane and has to stay in whatever country they traveled to until their healthy to return back home. This is in order to ensure that whoever else is on that flight stays healthy.

British Sports Therapist

It’s rare these days that we will ever here about a positive story occurring in the world. It seems that everything is negative in today’s news so to brighten up your day a twenty six year old Sports Therapist from Britain has run fifty three marathons in fifty three days. You might be asking yourself as to why this British Sports Therapist did this? The reason is because she deals with patients every day who have lost their urge to live or enjoy life because they no longer can play the sport they love. Here patients feel limited in that they never could play that sports again.

amy hughes

Amy Hughes wasn’t able to run a marathon for years as that used to be her preferred sport but after a bad fall on her ankle it was recommend that she never enter another marathon. After seeing so many of her patients feel the same way that she once had and that she eventually would learn to accept sadly enough she decided she’d enter a marathon again. After she completed the first marathon she entered a second one for the very next day and the process repeated itself for fifty three days.

Apparently her patients have been inspired by this and apparently one of her students has even returned to playing Football again on a house league. This just goes to show what the power & positive effect of something as simple & nice as this can do for a local community.

Sports Direct Employee Denies Entry For Jewish Students

Sports Direct, a major sporting goods store in Britain has been caught under some serious bad press as of late. One of their employee’s recently didn’t allow the entrance of a large group of students due to them being Jewish. The group of friends weren’t allowed entry into the store for being Jewish and one of the boy’s parents who were with the large group of friends was there to confirm all that had happened. The store clerk said “No Jews, No Jews”, he could tell that these children were Jewish as they had Jewish school uniforms on.


David Rosen, the parent who had to witness this issue instantly walked into the store regardless of the clerks words and complained to the manager. The manager didn’t do anything other than allow for them to remain in the store which than made David Rosen more tempered. He then went to all local news stations and told them of this issue, it has now become an issue that has spread across the entire state of Britain.

The result of this is that this store clerk has lost his job and has also been charged with a hate crime. This employee whose name isn’t being released to the public will see trail for his actions, he either will face a large fine or potential prison time. We’ll keep you updated on what happens with this store clerks future, the hope is that he gets prison time so that it may show the rest of those who are racist towards the Jewish that their comments will no longer be accepted.

The British increasing strength

The British Empire has centuries and centuries of history behind them. Some of their history is considered to be bad while other moments in their history is considered to be a marvel of history. More than half of the world is still controlled by the British Empire. Countries that are a part of the empire includes Canada, the thirteen colonies of the United States, the Bahamas, South West Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, Burma, Egypt, Jamaica and many more. Due to having such a massive empire it is the British who are considered to still be the best in world sports. uk flag Countries like Canada have allowed for the empire to do exceptionally well in the Winter Olympics while countries like South West Africa, Jamaica, Australia and Egypt have allowed for the empire to do amazing in the summer Olympics. Often people wonder why these countries just don’t break away from the empire so that they may get all of the glory themselves. The reason for this is because if Egypt, India, Kenya, Sudan or any other violent countries went to war it would be the British that would protect them. This is why the British Empire will always remain as the true world leader. Americans might consider themselves to be the world power but if the British Empire felt like it they could easily over throw them in a matter of months. You can expect the British Empire to win the Summer Olympics in 2016.

The British Empire Grows Stronger

The British Empire hasn’t been considered an empire for decades now, the British Empire is now considered to be the British Colonies but the fact of the matter is that they still stand as an empire compared to any other nation in the world.

The “Home Nations” for Britain include Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, India and plenty more. The British Colonies or Empire is so large that they hold their own Olympic styled games called “The Commonwealth Games”. Every nation connected to the British Empire participates in the Commonwealth Games, bringing their best athlete’s to the stage to prove that they’re the most athletic nation in the empire.

Northern Ireland

The Commonwealth Games were originally called “The British Empire Games” and it first took place back in 1930 in Hamilton, Ontario. Only eleven countries in the empire participated and just like the Olympic Games the British Empire holds the commonwealth games every four years. After 58 years of being called “The British Empire Games” the name was formally changed to the commonwealth games. This is the first time in twenty eight years that England has dominated the commonwealth games, proving to each one of their brother home nations that they still have what it takes to be a powerful force in Olympic styled sports.

Usian Bolt, the world fastest man alive was one of the athlete’s who attended the commonwealth games. He wanted to win the one medal that he had yet to receive, the end result was his winning with the fastest timed speed that the Commonwealth Games has ever seen.

British Man Gets Life Ban On Sports

A middle aged man in his early forties has been given a life ban from playing any kind of sports at any kind of league within the British Colonies. The reason for him being banned is because he provided illegal steroids to those who wished to have a little bit of a boost in their game.

The United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency got the lead on this man after a mother called the middle aged man for some steroids. The steroids dealer was unaware that this mother was in for revenge as he had been supply her son for a long period of time. Once he handed her the steroids and she handed him the money police swarmed in to take this man under arrest.

This life time ban just doesn’t affect himself but has also affected his daughter as well. She until this weekend had been an amateur boxer who was well on her way to being a powerful force in the ring. She has also been banned for four years from any boxing ring in a British Colony and cannot train any sanctioned boxer trainer. The daughter will now more than likely not have a career in boxing. All five of this man’s children are involved with boxing and they will now all have to lose what they love due to their father’s actions.

This man hasn’t been given a prison sentence but instead has been placed under house arrest where he will have to deal with the disappointing glaring eyes that his children will give him with each passing day.

Tiger Woods Sponsors College Sports

Tiger Woods is a world famous athlete that has recently not been in the media due to a series of issues that revolved around his activities two years ago. Since he hasn’t been in the media Mr. Woods has been taking it upon himself to help those who are less fortunate then himself and has been sponsoring sport leagues all around the world. He has been doing this in order to bring awareness to sports and provide his life more meaning. Mr. Woods is no longer invited to the fancy events he once was, which is why he has been helping out those less fortunate and has been sponsoring various sports leagues as he has more time than previously.

Tiger Woods

The latest sports league to be sponsored by Tiger Woods is the British College Basketball League. Mr. Woods has sponsored the league, giving them a total of $1 Million for them to spend in whatever way they want to. This money will be used towards new equipment for the players, new basketball stadiums and it’ll be used towards new venues in hopes that the college league can bring in more money.

Tiger Woods said the following, “It is my honor to sponsor these various sports leagues as I know I am helping those players and making running the league that much easier. My main goal now is to sponsor various organizations that help the less fortunate. I don’t want to stand by anymore and watch this world crumble, instead I want to help this world rebuild itself. This is my job as a celebrity

British College Football In Financial Trouble

Football is the most popular sports in England, we don’t mean American Football. We mean the original football which the Americans like to call Soccer. Unfortunately the British College Football League is in a lot of trouble for next year, a large amount of their sponsors have pulled out from the league which means they don’t have the budget they once did. This in return means that the players will be paid less, there won’t be any new equipment for the players, there won’t be any fundraising venues and there won’t be any stands for fans to purchase food at. This could result in the league essentially having to shut down their doors and for those players to lose their scholarship at whichever school they attend.
British College Football League

James Hutchings, a representative for the British College Football League said the following: “The majority of our sponsors have pulled out of our league this season. The reason for this is because their contracts have ended with the majority of them choosing not to renew their contracts. We were honestly shocked that sponsors such as Sony did this, we are now contacting various establishments trying to get new sponsors to come join our league. We have until the end of December to find new sponsors and if we can’t then our league will nearly fall to the ground.”

It is unknown what the future holds for the British College Football League. We will keep you informed on any updates released regarding the league.

Call of Duty Ghosts Invasion DLC Revealed

Fans of Call of Duty Rejoice, the next DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts has been revealed for a release date. Fans of Call of Duty will be able to download the Invasion DLC on June 3rd. Invasion marks the best downloadable content to ever be released for the Call of Duty franchise, instead of just giving players your average bland maps Infinity Ward has given fans an entire new experience within Invasion.

Call of duty Ghosts

The first map you play on is called Pharaoh, a multi level map that is located deep within Egypt. You will see hyroglypics, old statues, hidden locations and more while playing through this map. The second map is called Dia De Los Muertos, a map that takes you to a small rural town located in Mexico. Alongside this map you can also purchase a multiplayer skin which will allow for you to look like a Mexican Outlaw, hiding his face with a skull mask. The third map is called Mutiny, it allows for players to kill one another on an old pirate ship. The best thing about this map is that you can call in “Canon Air Strikes” from another ship by completing a field order and you can also call upon “Ghost Pirates” by completing a field order, multiple ghost pirates will appear and kill your enemies.

The final map is Favela, a remake of one of the most beloved maps ever known to the Call of Duty Franchise. Anyone who has played Favela before knows that this map is one of the best to ever be developed in the series.