Donald Trump going to British Women’s Open

Donald Trump, a worldwide famous billionaire and now candidate for President of the United States of America revealed that he’ll be arriving at the Women’s British Open within the upcoming days. He’ll first make the cross sea trip via his private jet, one of the best in the world and then take one of his British Helicopters to the event.


Lizette Salas, one of the woman straight out of college who will be playing in this golf tournament will be well into her first round once Mr. Trump has arrived at the tournament. Being that this British golfer’s heritage is Mexican it is surprising that she isn’t holding a large amount of hatred towards the billionaire. Instead all she has stated is that he can do whatever he wants as it doesn’t affect how she feels about herself or her heritage. Imagine back when John McLain was running for president but ten times worse, that is how Donald Trump is treating his campaign and it’ll result in him failing miserably. Right now he has no chance of being the president and he is now becoming nothing more than a joke for late night television hosts.

None the less it’ll be interesting to see if anymore hateful remarks are made by Donald Trump at the event. If this was to be the case he’d more than likely be told to not return to a PGA tournament again. Miss. Salas has just simply said that she is going to play to the best of her abilities in hopes of winning the open.