Eton College Borrows £45m

Eton College, by far the most famous college within the United Kingdom and one of the most famous colleges within the world announced that it has had to borrow £45m. This announcement came as a shock to many as Eton hasn’t borrowed money previous to this in six decades. None the less the borrowing of this money is needed in order to build a variety of new facilities, renovations, sports equipment and equipment for the classroom.

Eton College

This money was borrowed from Friends Life, an institutionalized investor group which is also famous within Britain. Lending Eton this money was no issue for Friends Life though as Eton College holds some of the most esteemed graduates in Britain history. Those include the British Prime Minster David Camera, the archbishop of Canterbury, Prince William and also Prince Harry as well. It seems that Eton will have to pay a 3.63% interest rate for the next forty five years due to this loan though. Apparently one of the major facility changes will be the design of a brand new sports complex, this complex will act as the head of college sports within the U.K. At least that is the goal that Eton College wishes to complete.

None the less this school is looking rather old and run down once again. This is something that has been driving staff, students and parents insane for a number of years now. After a series of complaints, even from Prince Harry himself it seems that the board members behind Eton College approved for renovations. They just needed to find the money first. Those who wish to attend Eton College can easily do so by first going through a difficult registration program, it’s required that £35,000 be paid every year as a tuition fee or else students will no longer be able to attend.