Manchester United Manager Admits to Failure

The manager for Manchester United, one of the most beloved football teams in the world announced today that he has failed his fans through an interview. This has come as a shock to most in the British Premiere League as it’s quite rare for a manager to admit defeat, more than most of the time they stand as stubborn as the players on the field.

Manchester United

The direct quote that came from Louis Van Gal states, “The Manchester United fan base had great expectations of me, I as a manager cannot live up to those expectations and for that I’ve become frustrated in the daily life.” Don’t expect for fans to feel sorry for this man though, Manchester United fans are known for being brutally cruel towards players, coaches, managers and anyone associated to the team.

Mr. Van Gal has lost a series of games which has caused for ManUnt to move down to fifth place, Tottenham is a position higher than them. ManUnt is at a low point for their Premiere League era in the last sixteen years. This has in turn caused for major grief on Val Gal’s behalf.

Luckily the owner of the team is seriously considering switching managers as well as coaches in hopes that he can regain the team back to their former glory in upcoming seasons. If this is to be the case then in upcoming years, fans of this team will be able to see their beloved team stand once again as the best team in the premiere league.