NFL’s Popularity Growing in Great Britain

You wouldn’t imagine that the National Football League would be popular in Great Britain. Amongst the elderly and middle-aged it is still a sport that is looked down upon, even by the majority of the youth but none the less this American pastime is starting to gain a presence in Great Britain. This rise in popularity has occurred throughout the last four to five years, no one knew where it came from and within the last five years its popularity has been driven up by 18.4%.


Though this might be a low number, as the new generation and upcoming ones become more accessible to sports & various other cultures throughout the world this as well as other sports will reach more popularity in Great Britain. Though the mass majority still agrees that no professional league will ever be seen in the country as the Premier Football League (Soccer) is far more beloved & embodied into their culture. As the world becomes more cultured it’ll reach a point where all cultures blend into one, it’ll no longer be enjoying aspects of certain cultures but instead will be interacting with a worldwide culture. This isn’t a bad thing though as segregation has only shown to create problems.

Analysts suspect that the only reason this sport is reaching any form of popularity amongst the youth, especially those in college is because of rugby. The two sports resemble one another and to college students, the aspects of being able to drink all night & have woman all day is far more appealing than dedicated work that is needed for soccer.