Swimming – College Sport Benefits

All across the UK the vast majority of the colleges are offering the possibility to students to swim and there are also many competitions available thanks to the British Colleges Sport organization. Right now there are more than 12 different events where you can participate and compete against other fellow students.

If you take a look at the history of many of the sports that are available right now, the English was the ones to be considered to be the ones that have developed the sports and standardize them. The same principle applies for swimming.
In the year 1847, there were more than 6 artificial pools in London, and you could find many swimming competitions available, as they were organized by the National Swimming Society. Thanks to the many benefits the popularity of this sport has started to grow significantly and in 1880, there were more 300 swimming clubs formed.

Swimming competions

In case the UK university where you are studying right now has a swimming pool, then it makes perfect sense to start doing this sport. It can be one of the best exercise you could do, and it’s one of the few that will use every part of your body. Swimming is a very effective way to keep you in good shape, stay healthy and also to feel refresh, especially during the summer days.

Sometimes performing one single exercise can prove to be boring, and you will probably stop doing it after some time. This is not the case with swimming, as this is a sport that is also fun and exciting, and it can keep you always in good shape.
When you are swimming, you have the option to use three main parts of your body: legs, arms and lungs. These are used at the same time along with other parts of your body. This sport can help you strengthen your heart. When you are doing it, your blood circulation increases and this can keep you in good health.

You should not be a sedentary person. Even if college can prove sometimes to be difficult as there is always a lot to learn, you should try swimming for a couple of hours. You could do it just for fun and not reach for the competition level, unless you are good at it.

You can also build muscle. This is possible as the water can create more resistance compared to the air. This means that you will be utilizing your muscles a lot more when you are in the water. The studies have shown that the resistance of water is 12 times harder compared to the air.

Swimming is safe. Unlike many other sports of contact where you can easily suffer injuries, this sport can be considered to be safe. This way any college student should have no problems when they start practicing this sport. You will stay fit all the time, since you are working all your muscles at the same time, you can swim just for 15 – 30 minutes per day and it can be enough to be in a great shape.