Tennis British College Sport

The colleges from Great Britain are running all year long events like the National Championships for tennis. Each of the regions available has a good number of events available. There are the Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles and at the same time there are also the Mixed Doubles.


In case you are a student that is practicing tennis a college from UK, then you have the opportunity to represent your college or your region at the National Championship which is organized by the British College Sport.

If we take a look back at the beginnings of tennis we can see the fact that the concept of two people hitting the ball back and forth with their hands over some obstacles is not a new thing and it happened over some many centuries.

Historians have found the evidence of a sport that was similar to tennis and that dates back to ancient Greece, but we can find a game that was very similar tennis in the 13th century, while the current version was available during the second half of the 19th century.

Tennis is currently a very popular sport and it’s practiced by people of all ages. In the UK, tennis is ranked #7 by the number of participants. The statistics are showing that there’s a higher number of participants for other sports like badminton, golf, athletics, cycling, football and swimming.

A recent study showed the fact that the number of people that are practicing tennis in the UK is continuously growing. There are more than 530k people that are playing tennis for at least 30 minutes per week and these numbers are much higher compared to the numbers that were available in the past surveys. The statistic showed the fact that the number of players that seen a good increase for tennis players were those that are younger and situated in the 16 – 34 age group.

Playing tennis at college is a very good idea, you have the option to have access to tennis courts and equipment and a coach guidance. The support for playing tennis at the university is given for players with an age between 17 and 26 years.
The number of UK universities that are participating at both the tennis leagues and championships is increasing. At the same time the universities have been able to show an increasing number of students that are interested in playing the game.

There are many benefits you can get when you start playing tennis while you are still a student. You get to make new friends and to always stay fit. Even if at first sight playing tennis might not seem like a big effort it is. In order to be able to have positive results at school, you need also have a sane body and this is possible only if you start taking into consideration practicing a sport.