The benefits of playing squash in college

Squash is a fantastic game. The British Colleges Sport is currently one of the leading organization where you can find a good number of squash university events. There are both regional and national squash events, and you can compete against other colleges, by representing your university. There are two categories of events: Men’s singles and Women’s singles.

The squash game was developed on the existing racquet games. These sports were played all over Britain at the independent schools. Squash was developed and introduced at the London’s Harrow School. This happened almost 100 years ago. The name comes from the fact that when this game was played some of the boys noted the fact that the ball got squashed when hitting the wall with a higher speed. The game took off very fast, and it spread all over the country and it was played in many universities including the popular Cambridge and Oxford. In 1908, there was a squash sub-committee and by the year 1928, squash had its very own organization to regulate it: British Squash Rackets Association. Now there is also the World Squash Federation.

Squash court

Back in the days, squash was considered to be a sport for the middle class, now it’s available to everybody, especially to every student from United Kingdom. There is a huge number of benefits you can get from playing this sport and these benefits are available for your social life and your health.
Playing squash is a very relaxing activity, and in order to be successful, you need to work hard. This game has always been considered to be a high energy, and you have to be agile and full of energy in order to be successful. Every time you are playing squash your heart will start beating hard in order to provide the oxygen needed for your muscles to react. At the same time, you are also going to improve your aerobic abilities. The game is packed with many moves and this keeps on providing your cardio capacity to the next level.

Squash is a great sport for those that are planning to burn the fat. Studies showed that a short 30 minutes squash game can burn up to 500 calories. This means that in case you start playing squash, you should see some great performances and stay fit all the time.

Squash is known for working a wide range of muscles of your body. This means you get have a supple body. Since this is a sport played at a high intensity, and you have to push your physical limits a lot, it’s best that before you start playing you warm your muscle and go through a regular stretching routine.

You always have to be ready while playing squash. The ball strikes the wall and comes back at a fast rate. This means that you always need to have a good hand-eye coordination and be ready to hit the ball.

There is a very small risk of injuring yourself while playing squash. This is happening as there is no direct contact between the players.