Tiger Woods Sponsors College Sports

Tiger Woods is a world famous athlete that has recently not been in the media due to a series of issues that revolved around his activities two years ago. Since he hasn’t been in the media Mr. Woods has been taking it upon himself to help those who are less fortunate then himself and has been sponsoring sport leagues all around the world. He has been doing this in order to bring awareness to sports and provide his life more meaning. Mr. Woods is no longer invited to the fancy events he once was, which is why he has been helping out those less fortunate and has been sponsoring various sports leagues as he has more time than previously.

Tiger Woods

The latest sports league to be sponsored by Tiger Woods is the British College Basketball League. Mr. Woods has sponsored the league, giving them a total of $1 Million for them to spend in whatever way they want to. This money will be used towards new equipment for the players, new basketball stadiums and it’ll be used towards new venues in hopes that the college league can bring in more money.

Tiger Woods said the following, “It is my honor to sponsor these various sports leagues as I know I am helping those players and making running the league that much easier. My main goal now is to sponsor various organizations that help the less fortunate. I don’t want to stand by anymore and watch this world crumble, instead I want to help this world rebuild itself. This is my job as a celebrity