UK Rugby Has Highest Steroid Usage

Rugby is a sport that requires an immense amount of physical effort and due to this a large percentage of professional United Kingdom rugby players have been found using steroids in order to make themselves that much stronger. The UK Anti-Doping Agency states that out of the forty six athletes who are banned from playing, sixteen of them are rugby union players. This in return makes the Rugby Union the dirtiest sporting league in the country.


This is truly a troubling fact as apparently rugby prides itself on their values, it appears that what should be their largest value is unfortunately a joke to them. Eleven of the twenty five players that were banned in the last eight months were rugby players, this ultimate truth shows that the union isn’t willing to have their athletes put in the extra training that’d be required without steroids. This bad media has even begun to see each rugby game lose more & more viewers as the sport loses its value when all players are essentially faking their skill.

There’ll be a “Keep Rugby Clean” day during the World Rugby Cup. England & Wales will be playing one another & these two clean teams will use their influence to make sure that other teams in the union stop using steroids. England & Wales are two of the best teams in the Union and not a single player uses steroids, this is true as the team mates willing take a steroid test once a month.