United Kingdom Heating Up This Season

College athletes within the United Kingdom won’t be playing their sports anytime soon. School officials all over the country have canceled all sporting events as of right now for the foreseeable future. The reason for this is because the United Kingdom is seeing record high temperatures for this summer’s season. As of right now it is 31C in a large portion of the UK, the waters have even begun to heat up the point that there is no chill when entering the water.


This has surprised many as football events, rugby events, cricket and more have all been canceled right now. The Premier League just ended not too long ago but all other smaller leagues are still in play, players have begun to fall down to the ground from heat exhaustion and it appears that this’ll not change anytime soon. All southern countries on the hemisphere have begun to have cooler seasons while all countries in the northern hemisphere have begun to heat up. Canada, the United Kingdom, Russia & countries all around the European Union have begun experiencing this.

This is due to the fact that globally climates are beginning to change as our planet is reaching its alarm for flipping the hemispheres. This means that countries that were once tropical all year long will become seasonal with fall, spring & winter while countries that were seasonal will become tropical all year long. We shall keep you posted in school officials plan on putting these sporting events back on in the upcoming weeks. As of right now though it is to unsafe for players to play.