Volleyball – The perfect sport for UK college students

There are many volleyball competitions available for the British students available. You can find National Cups, and they are available for Men’s, Women’s and also mixed teams. There are regional and national volleyball championships available, and many of these events will happen during the weekend.

In case you are a student in the UK, you have the opportunity to play the games in your university shirt and represent it at national and regional competitions.
Even if you might not be familiar with this, the volleyball is still a new sport. In order to appreciate the sport even more you need to know how much work you have to put in in order to be successful. You also have to be familiar with the origin of the game.

It all started around 100 years ago. The first game of volleyball was played in 1895 and it was invented by William G. Morgan. In the beginning the game was called Mintonette and it was created especially for the businessmen. One of the core advantages of this sport was that it has less physical contact between the players and this means automatically that there will be a lower number of injuries.

William G Morgan

In order to create this new sport, Morgan borrowed different aspects from many other sports. For example the net was taken from tennis and unlike the tennis net, the volleyball net is raised higher at 6 foot and 6 inches. This way it’s going to be up high just a little bit higher than the average man height. Other elements of volleyball were taken from a multitude of sports like handball, baseball or even basketball. When the game was introduced and some spectators witnessed the first game demonstration, they have commented that the game was a lot about volleying and this is now the sport got its new name that we know today.

One year later in 1986 the first official game took place at Springfield College. The game had an incredible success and it picked up as it started to spread all over the country. Four years later, in 1900 there was a ball designed especially to serve this sport and it became standard for the sport.

In most cases the volleyball players learn how to play the game at school. The game is very fast and competitive. It can captivate anyone very fast. Playing the game can be done with as little as four people, even if the official numbers we get to see at a volleyball game the number of players is up to 12.

This can be considered to be a soft sport and it can be played by anyone. You can have any age, but in order to be good at it, you will need to be young. This is one of the reasons it’s one of the perfect sport for any student at any university across the UK. In most cases in order to learn how to play volleyball, you just have to watch a game for a few minutes and you will get a good idea about the rules.